Your terms and conditions of use

Warning: Our Instruments are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel contains nickel and chromium. A small percentage of the population is known to be allergic to these metals. If an allergic reaction occurs, direct patient to consult physician.

Warning: Before cutting / using wire, place gauze or cotton roll next to wire end to prevent scape of wire fragments. Safety glasses 4 recommended when using hand instruments.

Precautions for your instrument:

1. use deionized water for sterilization

2. Always clean before sterilization

3. Always use cleaning sterilizing solution of near to pH 7.0

4. Do not use instrument in the atmosphere of chloride ions mineral acids & fumes

5. During the Sterilization, do not expose the instrument above 350° f/177C

Intended Use: Only use the instrument for its intended purpose. Only qualified persons should use the instrument.

Special Care: After use if the instrument has any oxide layer, spots, cracks, scratches, pit, hole worn out blades, inefficient cutting, dull surface and rust then do not put the instrument into services.

Warranty: We will repair or replace the instrument in case of defective material or poor workmanship. Any other malfunction or misuse of the instrument will not come under this warranty.

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